Our Approach

“Thank you for visiting Z&H Cakes, where your ideas take shape.

The hands of time sculpt our lives, blessed with family and friends we celebrate in ecstasy, drunken with each other's company... now bring out the cake!

My name is Farzana, I come from a long line of artists, a large family steeped in community, celebration, music, friends, and most importantly food. I first learned the greatest homage to a fantastic meal is a spectacular dessert, then I learned to make cakes!

Cake lovers, you have just stumbled upon a little slice of paradise (bigger slices available upon request). With my artistry, together we will transcend tiers of possibility and find the perfect cake for you. Sweet success.

I welcome you, once again, and look forward to fully baking your ideas.

Oh, one more thing…a toast.. to the sweet things in life! You are in great hands.

Our Story

Designs and Pricing

The sky is our limit... let's fly together.

We have several options:

  • bring your own idea/creation
  • we discover something together in a conversation
  • you give into creative genius and receive one of my creations

Prices vary. Contact us, we are happy to hear from you.